Craft Barbecue
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Hello friends...

…and welcome to Rang Tang! We cook ethically-sourced meats for hours (and hours, and hours) using local oak and fruitwoods. This happens on one of the most elegant cooking instruments known to humans: an offset smoker.

Adding little more than salt & pepper, we use these elemental tools โ€“ wood, fire, metal โ€“ to make super-savory meats for your enjoyment.

Three pork shoulders

Good for You &

Good for the Planet

  • 100% regeneratively-ranched beef
  • heritage, pasture-raised pork
  • ZERO seed oils or corn syrup
  • organic, local vegetables
  • NO GMOs
Real wood for a real fire

It's all about FLOW

We mindfully stoke the firebox of our classic offset with locally sourced wood. The resultant heat-generated convection pulls smoke through the separate cooking chamber where it flows over and under the day’s meat, imparting that improbably delicious flavor immediately recognizable as authentic barbecue.

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