Grilling vs BARBECUE

Grilling is NOT barbecue The terms “grilling” and “barbecue” are used interchangeably by most people but they are most definitely not the same. Technically (and loosely speaking), grilling is cooking food using radiant heat (which is also what happens when you broil a steak in your oven). Radiant heat transfers energy in wave form and

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First Days Starting somewhere As I write this in late January 2021 I’m getting ready to spend a month in Texas at a few different barbecue ‘joints’. In the few months that I’ve been smoking meat on a regular basis I can safely say that my knowledge has gone from zero to…non-zero…but I know that I

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Hello friends!

If you’re curious about where the idea for a barbecue restaurant came from, check out Our Story.   I thought it would be fun and maybe informative to document the journey of opening this barbecue truck/trailer/restaurant/whatever-it-turns-out-to-be. Instagram might be a better medium (and I’ll post there when so moved), but I’m not the best at

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