The Rang Tang Barbecue Hour

The early episodes of the podcast follow restaurant industry veterans L.R. (that’s me) and Andy on a research and development journey through Texas.  The podcast then shifts into an interview format featuring food folks from all over and local Coloradans up to cool things.


001 First Episode! • Aprons • Leaving CO • TX bound!

Rang Tang Barbecue Hour
Rang Tang Barbecue Hour
001 First Episode! • Aprons • Leaving CO • TX bound!

In this first episode we leave behind snowy Colorado for a month-long road trip through the spiritual center of American barbecue — Texas, obviously. Also, a discussion about aprons.

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Meet the Host


L.R. Laggy

Howdy 🙂  In June 2020 I received a (figurative) download that I was supposed to start a barbecue restaurant. Not one to question that kind of message, over the next year I assembled a lot of gear and a little knowledge and in September 2021 I officially served my first food as Rang Tang Craft Barbecue.

Similar to taking a bite of overwhelmingly good barbecue, the act of podcasting marks a moment in time by bringing the people involved into the here and now and which. My hope is that the stories shared are entertaining and inspiring, and may even inform some aspect of your own life.

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